Can hearing loss caused by deafness be treated?

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Hearing loss, also known as deafness, is actually quite common in our daily lives. Hearing loss affects the lives and health of tens of thousands of Chinese people, even going far beyond the impact of communication barriers on people.

Can hearing loss caused by deafness be treated?

Some people can recover from hearing loss, such as hearing loss caused by inflammation of the external auditory canal or middle ear. Usually, after the inflammation is controlled, the inflammation in the external auditory canal and middle ear becomes normal, and the hearing loss can be recovered.
Acute sudden deafness in the inner ear occurs suddenly within 72 hours. After combined treatment with hormones that improve microcirculation and neurotrophic drugs, generally about 70% of patients can fully recover. Only relatively severe sudden deafness leads to total deafness or severe deafness, and some people do not respond well to treatment. However, some cases of long-term hearing loss, such as presbycusis, drug-induced deafness, and deafness caused by ototoxic drugs, cannot be recovered.

Deafness, also known as hearing impairment, hearing loss or hearing loss, is a very complex disease, mainly divided into conductive deafness, sensorineural deafness and Mixed deafness and other types. Different types of deafness have different causes and different treatments, but it is generally difficult to completely cure them. If deafness occurs, the International Audiology Organization will recommend intervention and assistance by wearing a hearing aid or a cochlear implant.

There are many causes of deafness, which can be roughly divided into two categories: congenital deafness and acquired deafness.

Congenital deafness mainly refers to people who are born with hearing impairment and people who carry the deafness gene.

There are many causes of acquired deafness: for example, noisy environment, otological diseases, stress, ototoxic drugs, age, and systemic diseases can all cause hearing impairment. .

When many people experience hearing loss, their first reaction is, can deafness be cured? If hearing loss is caused by sudden deafness or otitis media, hearing loss can be restored within a short period of time through medications and other treatments. Some types of hearing loss are caused by the death of hair cells in the inner ear, such as noise-induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, etc.Hearing loss, hearing loss caused by ototoxic drugs, etc. cannot be restored through treatment. Hearing Aids or cochlear implants can only be used to assist one's hearing to achieve the purpose of hearing.

So can inner ear hair cells regenerate?

The hair cells of the inner ear are distributed in our cochlea. Hair cells in different areas are responsible for transmitting sounds of different frequencies. The hair cells of the inner ear are fixed from birth, and there are about 40,000 of them.

Experts previously believed that mammalian inner ear hair cells cannot regenerate, but after years of research, Professor Yang Shiming has successfully regenerated inner ear hair cells in guinea pigs with blast deafness.

After discovering hearing loss, you should seek medical treatment promptly, complete otoscopy, pure tone hearing threshold measurement, acoustic immittance, auditory brainstem response and other examinations, actively find the cause, and provide timely and standardized treatment to avoid delaying the condition. affect the efficacy.