Will drinking alcohol make tinnitus worse?

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Of the 130 million tinnitus patients in China, nearly 100 million are middle-aged and young people. Moreover, the current trend of tinnitus incidence is towards younger people. Tinnitus is not a disease in itself, it is a symptom of some diseases. People can have physiological tinnitus. When the tinnitus exceeds the physiological limit, it becomes symptomatic tinnitus. Patients with hearing loss are often accompanied by tinnitus, which is often a symptom of impairment or disorder in the hearing system.

Will drinking alcohol make tinnitus worse?

Tinnitus patients are advised not to drink alcohol and smoke as little as possible.

Because alcohol is a relatively strong irritant, if you drink alcohol during tinnitus, this situation will easily lead to aggravation of tinnitus and may also affect the therapeutic effect of tinnitus. Medications used to treat tinnitus may also be in direct conflict. Therefore, it is not recommended for tinnitus patients to drink alcohol. At the same time, tinnitus patients should also ensure adequate sleep and undergo some examinations to help understand the cause and severity of tinnitus.

Alcohol will irritate the surface of the mucous membrane of the human throat, so most people who drink alcohol are prone to pharyngitis, which can cause Eustachian tube obstruction, tinnitus, and hearing loss. If the ear is in a state of inflammation for a long time, it is easy to develop catarrhal otitis media, causing fluid accumulation in the middle ear cavity, which can cause symptoms such as tinnitus, blockage, and hardness of hearing. Long-term uncontrolled drinking can also lead to chronic alcoholism, which can lead to hearing loss. Over time, hearing will gradually decline, and may eventually develop into neurological deafness.

The hair cells in the ear are cells that are extremely sensitive to oxygen. Smoking will cause blood oxygen to drop, and the drop in blood oxygen will damage the hair cells. Produce damage and aggravate the degree of tinnitus in the human body. In addition to smoking, alcohol and caffeine can also affect tinnitus levels. Currently, drugs that dilate blood vessels, nourish nerves, and hyperbaric oxygen are used clinically to smooth blood flow and provide nutrition in the ear to treat tinnitus. Therefore, patients can eat more foods that dilate blood vessels, activate blood circulation and remove blood clots, such as leeks, black fungus, etc., which can promote normal blood circulation in the ears. It is recommended that everyone smoke and drink as little as possible.

Note the habits in life, do not drink some strong tea, and do not drink more coffee. These will make your tinnitus increase. Even more troublesome, mental or emotional stress can cause tinnitus, and tinnitus can also be aggravated.Severe emotional stress, tinnitus patients are often accompanied by emotions such as tension, anxiety or depression.