Will tinnitus cause deafness and hearing loss if it lasts for a long time?

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Tinnitus is believed to be familiar to most people. It refers to the buzzing and hissing sounds produced in the ears or skull in the absence of external sounds.

Will tinnitus cause deafness and hearing loss if it lasts for a long time?

Prolonged tinnitus does not directly lead to deafness. Although tinnitus is an accompanying symptom of deafness, which is also hearing loss, tinnitus itself does not directly cause hearing loss. If you have tinnitus and have a hearing test, your hearing is in a stable state and does not continue to decline.

Tinnitus is a shapeless abnormal sound hallucination in the ears or skull of patients in the absence of external sound sources. This sound feeling can be one or more than one, and last for a certain period of time. Tinnitus is not a disease in itself, it is a symptom of some diseases.

Having clear ears and eyesight is a sign of good health. You should always pay attention to protecting your hearing. The most common causes of deafness that affect hearing are drug poisoning and noise. Drugs are the main reason. The main drugs that can cause deafness are: streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin, etc. These drugs can easily damage the inner ear, cochlea (auditory receptors), and vestibule (balance receptors), causing deafness and balance disorders. . The main symptoms of cochlear poisoning include: high-pitched tinnitus and hearing loss during medication or after stopping the medication, which gradually worsen until total deafness.

These good habits in daily life can reduce the risk of tinnitus and deafness
1. Do good personal hygiene and maintain general health;
2. Relax your mood, Reduce mental stress;
3. Stay up late less, smoke and drink less;
4. Reduce wearing headphones for a long time or being in a noisy environment;
5. Do regular ear health exercises.

At present, the more effective method in the treatment of tinnitus is: masking therapy. In life, many tinnitus patients have found that their tinnitus is reduced or disappeared in noisy environments, such as using bells, running water, etc. to mask the tinnitus or distract their attention from the tinnitus.When hearing loss and tinnitus occur, hearing aids can be used to help listen and reduce tinnitus. Nowadays, mid-to-high-end hearing aids come with a built-in "tinnitus masker" function. It is recommended that friends with tinnitus try it.

In fact, tinnitus, like myopia, diabetes, and high blood pressure, may accompany people’s lives for a long time, but as long as we respond appropriately, tinnitus will not What serious consequences will it bring.