What should I do if my ears are full of wax and it affects my hearing?

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Earwax, medically known as "cerumen", is the secretion of the cerumen glands in the external auditory canal. Because it is rich in oil, it can moisturize the fine hairs on the skin of the ear canal. , these fine hairs can block dust particles blown in from the outside. Earwax and fine hairs can protect the external auditory canal and prevent insects and other microorganisms from invading the ears.

What should I do if my ears are full of wax and affect my hearing?

If there is a lot of earwax in your ears that affects your hearing, you can go to the otolaryngology department of a regular hospital for cleaning and treatment. If the patient has a lot of earwax, it can easily cause blockage of the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane, which may lead to hearing loss. At this time, the patient can go to the otolaryngology department of a regular hospital for removal and treatment.

Under normal circumstances, earwax will be discharged on its own and will not block the ears. But there are always surprises. For example, people whose skin secretes more oily substances have strong secretion of cerumen glands in their ears. When the earwax easily becomes oily and waxy and is not easy to be discharged, it is also related to the epithelium that falls off the outer ears. , dust mixed together, may form huge clumps, block the external auditory canal, and form "cerumen embolism", that is, excessive earwax blocks the ears.

Under what circumstances must earwax be removed?

1. If water or other foreign matter enters the ear due to swimming or other reasons, the ear canal needs to be cleaned immediately to avoid inflammation. This is because dirty water entering the ears may introduce the growth of bacteria, so it must be removed.
2. First of all, there is too much earwax, which affects hearing and causes itching, pain, and occlusion in the ears.
3. If there are flying insects entering the ear, you need to block the other ear immediately, and then shine a flashlight into the ear canal to induce the insects to crawl out of the ear. If this happens If the method does not work, you need to pour cooking oil immediately to kill the bugs, and then use tweezers to remove them. If it is not convenient for you to do it yourself, you need to ask a doctor for help.

In short, the matter of earwax is simple. Don’t mess with it. If you must understand it, let the otologist solve it. Just exercise more, bathe frequently, and pay attention to personal hygiene.