Why does hearing loss occur as we age?

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Generally, as the elderly grow older, their hearing condition also declines to a certain extent. Among people over 50 years old, this proportion is as high as 50%, which means that one in two people has hearing problems. Now, with the invention of headphones, headsets, etc., hearing loss is also developing at a younger age.

Why does hearing loss occur as we age?

There are two reasons for senile hearing loss. The first is the natural aging of the auditory organs, and the second is related to other factors.

The hearing of the elderly will decrease as they get older, which is mainly caused by the decline of the auditory nerve. This situation is a natural degeneration. After all, everything in the world will inevitably suffer from birth, aging, illness and death. However, the rate of auditory nerve decline is different for everyone, and this is related to genetic factors. In addition, factors such as dietary habits, living environment, mental stress, taking ototoxic drugs and antibiotics, metabolic abnormalities, diseases, etc. will also accelerate hearing loss.

Hearing loss starts from high frequency and gradually develops to low frequency. When the speech frequency is involved, it causes unclear listening, reduced speech ability, or a significant decrease in speech discrimination ability in a noisy environment. In some cases, there is a resounding phenomenon. It is often accompanied by dizziness, drowsiness, tinnitus, paranoia, etc.

Hearing loss can be prevented by removing the cause. Specific measures include avoiding exposure to noise, avoiding taking ototoxic drugs, adjusting living habits, and actively treating related diseases.

1. Avoid contact with noise: In daily life, you should avoid contact with noise, especially in the subway. You should wear headphones with noise reduction function, or avoid wearing high-power headphones. This prevents hearing loss caused by noise exposure.

2. Avoid taking ototoxic drugs: If you need to take drugs, you should try to eat less aminoglycoside antibiotics (such as streptomycin, gentamicin) and other ear-toxic drugs. Toxic drugs, especially those with a family history of deafness, must be careful when taking ototoxic drugs to avoid drug-induced hearing loss.

3. Adjust living habits: If you are an elderly person, hearing loss is a normal phenomenon and cannot be effectively prevented. However, the elderly can improve their microbiome by adjusting their living habits, such as low-salt diet and appropriateCyclic exercise to avoid rapid hearing loss.

4. Actively treat related diseases: If you suffer from otitis media or cholesteatoma and other diseases, you should try to avoid water in the ear canal, and actively cooperate with the doctor to perform hearing reconstruction surgery. This prevents hearing loss.