What are the factors that affect speech recognition rate?

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As people age, the tissues and organs in all parts of the body undergo a slow aging process. Hearing loss involving the auditory organs is called presbycusis. Or it refers to deafness caused by other causes in the elderly. Progressive hearing loss in both ears usually starts at high frequencies and gradually extends to low frequencies. Sometimes it is one sided, and then it becomes bilateral or one side is more severe, and the main speech frequency is involved before causing unclear hearing.

What are the factors that affect speech recognition rate?

One of the most important functions of human hearing is to hear speech and correctly understand the meaning of the language, but many patients with hearing loss describe I always mention my hearing problems: I can hear people talking, but I just can’t hear clearly what is being said.
1. Under the same degree of hearing loss, the more severe the hearing loss in the high-frequency part, the lower the speech recognition rate;
2. The more severe the hearing loss and the longer the non-intervention time, the lower the speech recognition rate. Low;
3. The higher the location of the lesion causing hearing loss, that is, the closer it is to the auditory center, the lower the speech recognition rate;

4. The more severe the hearing loss, the lower the cochlear dead zone detection rate The higher it is; high-frequency cochlear dead areas are more common than lower frequencies, and the speech recognition ability of patients with sensorineural hearing loss with cochlear dead areas is significantly lower than that of patients without cochlear dead areas.

In our daily life, there are three common types of hearing loss that reduce speech recognition rate:
1. We Common presbycusis, the characteristic of hearing loss is that low frequencies are better and high frequencies are worse. Therefore, the communication barrier exhibited by the elderly is that they can hear but cannot hear clearly.
2. Patients with sudden deafness may suddenly feel that they cannot hear clearly. This is because in addition to the increase in pure tone audiometry threshold, sudden deafness may also lead to a decrease in speech recognition rate.

3. Some patients with auditory neuropathy often have acceptable pure tone audiometry threshold results, but they have huge challenges in daily communication.war.

The development of human hearing is divided into four stages: awareness-discrimination-hearing-understanding. Hearing means being able to detect sounds, and hearing clearly means understanding what is heard. The language can be distinguished and repeated, and finally the language can be understood and understood. Therefore, if you want to correctly understand the meaning of the language, you must be able to hear it and hear it clearly. The direct reason for unclear hearing is often the patient's reduced speech recognition rate.

Speech recognition rate is so important, how can people with hearing loss improve their speech recognition rate?
First, appropriate hearing intervention should be carried out in a timely manner, and appropriate Hearing Aids or cochlear implants should be selected so that our auditory system can receive sufficient speech stimulation in a timely manner.
Secondly, whether children, adults or the elderly, they should carry out appropriate rehabilitation training after wearing hearing aids according to their own conditions. Children can receive professional rehabilitation language training. If adults do not have the conditions, they can conduct some listening and speaking training through some APPs.
With the help of family members, the elderly can also train their listening and speaking skills by reading some newspapers or books of interest, thereby improving their speech recognition rate

Finally, whether it is wearing Both hearing aid equipment and speech rehabilitation require persistence and cannot be given up halfway. If you have any questions during this period, you can contact your hearing aid in time. I believe he or she will be happy to help you solve the problem.